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The Aim of The Subscription Company

At The Subscription Company we aim to provide an excellent service and product that would be expected from a company that cares about and values its customers which includes:-  

  • High quality products at a reasonable price

    • the retail recommended price of all the individual items in the subscription boxes will amount to more than the cost of each subscription box, but we won’t skimp on quality or content, we want you to love all the items included.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    • We recognise the importance of customer service and have tried to make the process as simple as possible but are here to help quickly with any questions or queries in any way we can.

  • Each subscription box should be eagerly anticipated  

    • We want you, or the recipient of any subscription box, from The Subscription Company to be wowed and love everything included, to ensure that every month you are enthusiastically looking forward to receiving the next one, to see what surprises we have in store.

  • To feel special

    • If the subscription box is a present, it will demonstrate the thought and effort you have put into finding the right gift, so the recipient will know how loved and wonderful they are.

    • If  the subscription box is for you - everyone deserves to feel special and with busy lives, it is important to dedicate a little time for you each month. Treat yourself, you work hard and deserve to have something nice for you and to recognise how important you are too.


About The Subscription Company

The idea for the Subscription Company was born during lockdown, when I ordered a couple of things on line and was surprised by how excited I was to receive them. I thought what a great idea it would be, to have a fabulous surprise to look forward to each month, whereby someone who really cares about the products provided, has done the groundwork finding and researching great quality items. I realised I could be that person, as I really enjoy discovering new, wonderful, exciting goods, at realistic prices to include in the subscription boxes and supporting small UK businesses, who like me, really care about their products.


I also found as a new mum and the first in my family and group of friends to have a baby that I was not really sure what to buy for my son when he was first born, which is such an important time for development and bonding. Having fun and interacting with him were my key concerns, but I also wanted to give him the best start in life and help him attain his physical and academic goals. I found I brought some items that just did not interest or stimulate him. So, I started doing a lot of reading to help make me a better mum and really researching the toys I brought for him and how they would help him develop his sensory, cognitive, problem solving and motor skills. All the items included in the toy subscription boxes have been tried and tested and I would highly recommend them or they have been recommended by  other parents.  The items included all grow with the child too, so an item may used in one way to start with, for example as a sensory item, which can them be used to play with or develop language and counting skills or identify colours as a little one grows and develops.  Again, with the children’s toys I try to ensure they are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.


I want the Subscription Company to grow and develop because you love what you receive, want to talk about us and gift or recommend us to a friend. If you like what you receive, please leave a review as your support means the world to a small business.


We look forward to wowing you!

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